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Disciplined Investment, Industry Leading Research and Analysis

We feel diversification is one of the most important components in reaching your long range financial goals while trying to minimize risk. That is why we believe in broad diversification through the use of many asset classes. 

Customized Asset Allocation

We utilize strategic and tactical asset allocation. We will periodically rebalance your portfolio in order to maintain a long-term goal of asset allocation; in addition we look for opportunities to take advantage of market pricing anomalies, price and market inefficiencies, and strong market sectors. We also realize that everyone's situation is unique; as such we tailor each portfolio to meet your specific goals, needs and concerns.

Value and Dividend Focused

Value stocks, and the dividends they pay, are responsible for a significant greater percentage of the total return in the equity markets than most realize.

Why are Dividends Important

Dividends are an important source of return for investors. It is a way for companies to share their profits in a predictable manner. Not only that, but they help to align the interests of investor and company management. Dividends are important to the investment world. They can be an indicator as to what the management of a company is expecting to see in their future profitability. A truly profitable business should distribute a portion of its cash flow to assure investors of their fundamental earning power. 

Low Cost Defined

Low cost is not the equivalent to low quality. Low cost is a way for QuadCap Wealth Management, to enhance your portfolio. The compounding effect of even one half of a percent difference in cost is dramatic over a ten year timeline. 

Low Cost Vehicles

In addition to the QuadCap Wealth Management costs remaining low, we seek low cost vehicles. An example is our preference for Exchange Traded Funds, individual securities, and wrap accounts. In some cases, this cost conscious strategy can save our clients up to a full percentage point. 

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