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We are experts in benefits planning.

Maximizing one's employee benefits can make a tremendous difference in your financial picture. We have experience in planning and helping individuals maximize their employee benefits.


We consult and maximize plans from some of the most complicated to the very basic. In today's fast paced world, time is of the essence. We make sure you maximize your benefits through our experience and dedicated personal proactive service.

  • Stock options planning and strategies for both non-qualified and incentive stock options

  • Long-term incentive plans

  • Restricted stock

  • Performance shares

  • Deferral election strategies for various compensation plans

  • Qualified pension analysis

  • Non-qualified (SERP) pension analysis

  • Detailed withholding analysis

  • Employee life insurance

  • General cafeteria plans (welfare)

We provide in-depth analysis and counsel on all of the above types of employee benefits. In addition, we help you track you calendar to provide you with your options as these issues come up through the year. 

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