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Fixed Income

We utilize a comprehensive approach to our fixed income portfolio.

We understand the importance of high quality fixed income portfolios, preservation of capital with a predictable cash flow is of the utmost importance.

The safety and security of your future is what guides the development of our quality fixed income plan.

Whatever your situation and the challenges you face, we have solutions.

Research Matters

We utilize industry leading third party credit and sector specific research. Our goal is to avoid credit downgrades and protect the portfolio, utilizing an ongoing database to reflect and indicate any changes in these areas.

At QuadCap Wealth Management, our investment process is centered on:

Safety and Security

We recognize the importance of having a dedicated team to research sectors of the market. As a boutique firm, we are not captive to an internal research department. Instead, we have enlisted some of the largest and most prestigious institutions to provide detailed research and analysis for the fixed income sector.

Disciplined Investing

We aim for consistent results by adhering to a rigorous and repeatable investment process. You can count on the same philosophy, process, risk controls and portfolio management infrastructure.

Tax-Efficient Management

Portfolios are positioned and managed to benefit the investor. We individualize portfolios to maximize our clients' specific tax position.


Selecting bonds by credit quality, underlying insurer, bond structure, and geographic location are all factors that will contribute to the quality of a bond portfolio.

Building Towards Retirement

Fixed Income plays a key role in the preservation of your capital, reducing risk in your portfolio, and in your peace of mind. Fixed income will also play a key role in building a steady cash flow in your retirement planning.

We provide detailed, ongoing cash flow analysis, demonstrating the timing and the amounts of your fixed income cash flow.

Research Network

We draw our research from multiple sources. This allows us to retain our true independence and truly act in our clients' best interest.

As such, we are not a signle source provider- we have no interest, incentive, or research to recommend one fixed income product over another. We have no investment banking relationships and will not act as part of a syndicate primary issuer. our third party providers provide multiple opinions and perspectives. Whereby we are able to take a consensus opinion. 

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