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Estate Planning

Estate planning is an ongoing process. As life progresses and goals change, so should the plan. Lack of an adequate or up-to-date plan can cause undue additional emotional and financial burden on loved ones.

You work hard to build your assets, unfortunately much of that hard work can be undone if we do not plan for our own mortality. Often times, the topic of estate planning is avoided or people do not believe they are wealthy enough to worry about it. The absence of an effective plan could be very costly.

The Estate Tax

The estate tax is a large tax that is looming. The average person does not usually get the planning needed to help protect their assets from a significant loss that could be incurred due to the estate tax system. 

We put together detailed exhibits in a very easy and understandable language. We do not move forward with any estate planning idea or strategy until every party is comfortable and fully understands the reasoning and agrees with the strategy chosen.

Possible planning components
  • Last will and testament

  • Appointment of guardian for children

  • Declaration of guardian during incapacity

  • Statutory durable power of attorney

  • Medical power of attorney

  • Directive to physicians

  • Revocable trust

  • Irrevocable life insurance trust

  • Family limited partnerships

  • Beneficiary designation coordination

  • Annual gifting strategies

  • Wealth transfer strategies

Taking full advantage of all the available resources for estate planning can
  • Decrease the amount of estate taxes that may have to be paid

  • Have your assets distributed in the way that you wish, not the court's way

  • Provide the liquidity needed for estate expenses at a minimum cost, and thus not forcing the sale of your assets

  • Help eliminate unduly burden and difficult decisions for your family members to make regarding your assets

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