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Our mission is to direct clients in the implementation of a diversified long-term investment plan based on Modern Portfolio Theory and Strategic Asset Allocation.

We believe that your investment portfolio should be structured based on your investment goals, your tolerance and comfort levels for risk, and how well it meets your current, unexpected and retirement needs.

At QuadCap Wealth Management, we helps our clients move forward towards efficiency by eliminating unnecessary risk within their investment portfolios. This risk pertains to uncertainty of the outcome on your investments. It is the chance that your actual return will be different than you expected. 

We work closely with you to ensure your portfolio is allocated according to the level of risk that best suits you.

Proper diversification can improve the trade-off between risk and return. Diversification is an important technique used to help manage the level of risk in your portfolio. This technique mixes a wide variety of carefully chosen investments within a portfolio in order to reduce market risk.

Properly diversified, the positive performance of your investments can help neutralize the negative performance that may occur in your portfolio due to the unpredictability of the market.

Asset allocation is important as it establishes a disciplined plan our clients can use in order to avoid making investment decisions based on their emotions and short-term results.

The efficient frontier represents a set of optimal portfolios that offers the highest expected return for a defined level of risk. The optimal portfolio we create for you is established on the concept of the efficient frontier. The curve of the efficient frontier is key to the benefit of diversification and in creating an optimal portfolio. Portfolios that lie beneath the efficient frontier are sub-optimal; they do not provide enough return for the level of risk required. Portfolios that cluster to the right of the efficient frontier are also sub-optimal. They need a higher level of risk to obtain the same rate of return you would see along the curve.


We utilize some of the best reporting software in the industry. Our statements are customizable in numerous ways to display what is most important to you and to us. We provide monthly or quarterly statements and at any time requested. These statements are highly customized, easy to read, and understand.


After your plan is set in motion, we will communicate with you on an ongoing basis to review performance and your comfort level with your portfolio. We do not have a set time frame of meetings- at QuadCap, we will meet as often as necessary to meet your performance for personal attention.

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