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Tax Planning & Preparation

Tax planning is another important component at QuadCap, typically by the time one thinks about their taxes it is too late for any planning strategies.  Our tax planning starts day one, and is a continual process throughout the year.  Our goal is to help you minimize your federal income tax liability as much as allowed by the tax law. 

Taxes are easy with us. It's a one stop shop!


We utilize cutting-edge tax planning and preparation software.

Examples of issues we plan and monitor:

  • Accelerating capital losses
  • Accelerating charitable deduction
  • Making estimated payment in December instead of January
  • Are you meeting your withholding test, are you under-withheld?
  • Are you in AMT?
  • Is there a need for quarterly estimated payments, based on your actual numbers as the year progresses?
  • Are there benefits to paying my property taxes this year instead of next year?
  • Do you own a small business, are you maximizing all deductions?

These are just some of the items we discuss with you; there are numerous other planning opportunities available.  Tax Planning helps look at the big picture as we analyze the benefits of accelerating deductions or postponing them.  It also involves making sure one is not paying any penalties or interest from being under withheld.  We review and strategize tax opportunities throughout the year.  The time for tax planning is now.