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Our Philosophy

Value, diversification, detailed reporting and accountability drive our philosophy.


Investor Education

We believe the best type of investor and client is an educated one.  It is our job to ensure that, as our client, you have the knowledge and information necessary to make intelligent financial decisions.  We provide investor education from start to finish.

Registered Investment Adviser

We do not, and will not ever, offer commission based products.  This allows us to make recommendations to our clients with true impartiality. Our company structure is purposely set up so we are a fee-only business, to provide unbiased advice and counsel.

Low Cost Options

Cost is second only to direct rate of return when it comes to enhancing your portfolio.  By keeping costs low, our clients remain on the right side of the compounding equation and will realize the impact of lower fees.

Extensive Research

We draw our research from multiple 3rd-party providers.  This allows us to consolidate independent views and ideas and distill an appropriate course of action.  Multiple sources of information insulate the firm and our clients from individual biases or potential conflicts of interest. 

Active Management

The strategies we execute and implement to our clients include the right amount of management and involvement.  We help our clients make their investment decisions rationally, and insulated from the emotions of the market. 

Disciplined Investing

We aim for consistent results by adhering to a rigorous and repeatable investment process.  You can count on the same philosophy, process, risk controls and portfolio management infrastructure.

Direct Advice

We believe in frank and open communication with our clients.  We present both the positive aspects and the potential concerns on any product or strategy we recommend.


Advice without implementation has no value.  It is one thing to provide advice; it is another to actually implement a strategy.  At QuadCap, we take the time you do not have and carefully implement your chosen strategy saving you the precious commodity of time.