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QuadCap Wealth Management, LLC is a fee-only firm!

This means that the only form of compensation we receive is directly from our clients.  We do not sell products nor do we receive a sales commission.  Our recommendations are free from bias as they are not influenced by any type of remuneration or bonuses.  We only wear a single hat, that of a trusted financial adviser.

Fee-only financial planning allows us to align our interests directly with you and provide in-depth, comprehensive advice.  We are able to minimize inherent conflicts of interest associated with commission-based structures.  The elimination of such conflicts of interest allows us to make recommendations to you with impartiality.  We place our clients and their goals at the foundation of our relationship.

Fee-only financial planners are also Registered Investment Advisers that are bound by a fiduciary responsibility to act in the client's best interest.  As a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) using the term 'fee-only', we cannot receive any form of commission.  What does all this mean for you?  You receive full disclosure.  We adhere to the rigorous standards of the Registered Investment Adviser and uphold the highest level of professional competency.  There's no hat switching.  In everything that we provide to our clients, only an unparalleled level of service will be rendered.