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Core Beliefs
We specialize in providing quality financial services to individuals and the business community. We offer comprehensive life events planning and business, tax, and investment strategies and guidance.

I. Listen First, Speak Second

At QuadCap, you are the beginning and end of our concern.  The best way to understand your goals and concerns is to listen first. 

II. Direct Advice

We believe in frank and open communication with our clients.  We present both the positive aspects and the potential concerns on any product or strategy we recommend.

III. Implementation

Advice without implementation has no value.  It is one thing to provide advice; it is another to actually implement a strategy.  At QuadCap, we do not simply hand you a stack of materials.  Instead, we take the time you do not have and carefully implement this strategy saving you the precious commodity of time.

IV. Conservative Nature

We understand the time and effort you have taken in building up your assets.  This drives our investment style and is the rationale for our focus on preservation of capital, as well as our focus on the education of the risk-reward relationship.  You earned it, let us preserve it.

V. Proactive Advice & Personal Service

One of our primary principles is pro-activity.  We will contact you on an ongoing basis with progress reports and ideas.  It is our responsibility to stay in touch with you, not the inverse.  As a client of QuadCap, you can expect a high level of personal service.  You can expect regular contact from us; we do not wait for you to call to inquire about your investments or any other matter.  In addition, if you leave a voice mail, you will hear back from us within 24 hours.